Caffe Kimbo Italian Coffee Pods (E.S.E., Easy Serve Espresso) 150 Pods

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  • 100 ESE Italian Coffee Espresso Paper Pods
  • NAPOLI: A blend of premium Arabica and Robusta coffee sourced from Central and South America and from Asia. Carefully selected and roasted in keeping with time-honoured Neapolitan traditions, this coffee makes an intense creamy espresso with a bold mouth-filling flavour and an unmistakable aroma. The pods are compostable.
  • ARMONIA: Abandon yourself to an extraordinary experience and indulge your senses: this 100% Arabica coffee in pods* is an outstanding blend made from the best coffee sourced from the highlands in Central and South America. The perfect roast accentuates its delicate flavour and sweet aroma with delectable hints of light-roast chocolate. *Compostable ESE pods