Italian Saffron Leprotto

Italian Saffron Leprotto

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  • Powder: 6 x 0.16 Grams (6 x 0.0056 oz)

A cheeky leprotto, who licks his mustache while the scented cloud coming from the risotto tickles his nose: it is the unmistakable image of Saffron Leprotto, born in Milan in 1963.

These are the years of the economic boom and the new brand, in tune with the era, expresses joy and energy: it is young, modern and vital. Those same values ​​expressed symbolically by the bright yellow color of saffron and which are found in its accentuated flavor, in the intense aroma. It is no coincidence that today the Leprotto saffron sachet reads "strong flavor" to underline the characteristic that has always distinguished the product.

Since then, even today, with Leprotto, Italian saffron has become a superior quality saffron, born from an authentic corporate culture dominated by two values: perfection in the tradition and the drive towards innovation. Even today, Leprotto saffron is in fact an avant-garde product. Thanks to an internal laboratory of analysis and research it is worked with innovative methods and technologies, which allow to guarantee a very high quality and constant over time.