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Carapelli - Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil: First Cold-Pressed EVOO – 33.8 Fluid Ounces (1 Liter)

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  • Master Oliari

    Our team of expert Oliari carefully choose each type of olive oil in Carapelli Oro Verde EVOO to ensure consistent quality and flavor. A thorough production process and rigorous sample selection is what sets Carapelli apart. We try thousands of olive oils to discover which samples are quality by analyzing the sensory properties of those oils. We then define a sensory profile and select the raw materials that will be used to craft our Oro Verde EVOO.

  • Oro Verde Process

    Backed by more than 125 years of mastery in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Carapelli pours passion into the process of creating culinary masterpieces. To create our quality Oro Verde EVOO, Carapelli observes, touches and tastes each olive blend. This oil brings the tradition of our olive oil production to life. We harvest a blend of Mediterranean olives at the peak of ripeness to create an olive oil that captures our classical heritage.

  • Quality Commitment

    We have always been passionately committed to the care that goes into our products and commercial processes, meeting the quality standards of food safety in the industry. We have voluntarily adopted the strictest physiochemical standards for our Extra Virgin Olive Oils to insure the freshness of our products throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Non-GMO

    At Carapelli, we believe nature’s art is the greatest masterpiece and we keep our Oro Verde EVOO blend as close to nature as possible. Carapelli’s Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oils consist of only one ingredient and contain no genetically modified organisms. This olive oil is not produced any using biotechnology.

  • Signature Bottle

    At Carapelli, even our bottle is art, but it is practical too. Olive oil is a living product and as such is sensitive to temperature and light. We use UV-filtering dark bottles to protect the lifespan of our filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The textured spirals molded into the glass make the bottle easier to grip while lending an air of elegance.

  • Anti-drip Cap

    At Carapelli, our commitment to quality and innovation extends to innovation in our product’s cap as well. Our signature bottle’s innovative anti-drip spout is designed to dispense only the necessary amount of oil, eliminating waste and preventing messes.

  • EVOO

    At Carapelli, we produce masterful Extra Virgin Olive Oils every time by selecting quality olive varieties. Carapelli Oro Verde EVOO olive varieties include Arbequina, Koroneiki and Picual. Weather, soil, age and more are just a few factors that can affect olive growth and our olives are organically and carefully ripened in the Mediterranean. Then, each variety is harvested at ideal times to bring out their complex flavor profiles. Finally, Carapelli's Master Blenders ensure quality blends before bottling for you at home enjoyment.

  • Art of Flavor

    Contemporary, Fresh and Elegant. The characteristic flavor of this extra virgin olive oil has aromas of leaves harmoniously balanced with a taste of almonds, artichokes and fresh vegetables. Carapelli Oro Verde EVOO boasts a mild flavor, making it a great accompaniment to any meal.