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Bialetti ESE Single Dose Pods - 50 Units - 100% Compostable

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  • ESE Single-dose pods: Blend of roasted and ground Bialetti coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere.
  • Cialde Napoli: We have enhanced the organoleptic characteristics with a dark roasting and cocoa notes that give life to an espresso with a balanced taste
  • Cialde Roma: The Roma Blend is characterized by a medium-dark roasting that enhances the organoleptic characteristics and allows to obtain a dense and balanced coffee, with notes of hazelnut and dried fruit that give life to a delicate sweet-bitter combination (intensity 9)
  • Intensity 10: Coffee blend for a full-bodied espresso, with a compact cream
  • 7 grams: perfectly dosed pods for a perfect coffee. Each box contains 50 coffee pods.
  • Compostable pod: the pod is made of compostable material. For this reason, it can be disposed of in the workforce after use (after checking the provisions of your municipality). Information on disposal is indicated on the product packaging.