Bialetti Milk Frother

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What is it? 
Bialetti Tuttocrema Frothing Jug


Why use it? 
The Bialetti Tuttocrema Frothing jug can be used for milk or cream. 
A great kitchen tool to bring the authentic Cappuccino to your home. 
Use to add to cakes, pies, fruit, or creamed tea. 
Save time and energy with this high quality frother!


How to use it? 
Fill 1/3 of the frothing jugReplace the lid. Pump the plunger to whip the contents to the required consistency. 
Remove plunger and gently pour the whipped contents into a cup of espresso coffee to make cappuccino, over fruit, cake or pastries.Ready!!


Made of non-stick material to ensure easy cleaning 
Double Fine Filter for That Extra Froth 
Enough for 3 or 6 espresso size cups for great tasting cappuccino