Pasta Garofalo

Pasta Garofalo

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Gragnano (a small city close to Napoli) is home of the best dried Pasta in Italy. Its main street was laid out expressly to capture the mountain breeze mixed with sea air back when pasta makers hung spaghetti on drying rods like laundry, according to a Forbes Life write up. More recently heaters are used to dry the pasta at low temperatures (approximately 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for two days and it is shaped with bronze to give it a rough texture, producing a pasta with nuttier aroma and chewier mouth feel

Garofalo has always been the first "Pastificio di Gragnano" in terms of size, quality and volume, thanks to its ability to keep alive the tradition by putting it at the service of modernity and technology. Knowing the roots of Garofalo is a first step to understand where they come from his passion, his craftsmanship and his innovative spirit.

The story of Garofalo is therefore the story of Gragnano, and the history of Pasta.