Lollo Italian Espresso Coffee 100 Nespresso Compatible Capsules

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  • 100 Capsules compatible with Nespresso Machines containing 5.5 g of roasted ground coffee packed in protective atmosphere 
  • Italian Coffee Espresso from Napoli
  • CLASSICO: Intensity: 7/10. The traditional blend with its smooth and full-bodied taste, ideal for every moment of the day. A break of roasted and flavored notes which delights the palate with its cream and honeyed tones and with the aroma of freshly roasted home coffee, to enjoy a real relaxing break.
  • ORO: Intensity: 6/10. It's a soft and velvety blend, the percentage of Arabica increases giving a fine and unique aroma to coffee. A delicious break of vibrant and sophisticated pleasure where the sweet and ineffable cream blends with the delicate and particular aroma for true experts.
  • NERO: Intensity: 8/10. A blend with a strong taste, full of energy with the right touch of Robusta to give strength and fullness to the cup. An essential and sincere coffee, to awake all the senses with an irresistible creaminess and the sprint of its intense aftertaste.