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Coffee Beans: How To store them?

Coffee beans: how to store them

To preserve the aromas of the beans and ensure a good conservation of the coffee, it is necessary to keep in mind these few and simple indications:

  • Use a non-transparent airtight container

    The best solution for storing coffee beans is to pour them into airtight jars , preferably glass (not transparent), ceramic, steel or plasticof great quality. It is important that no odors are released from the materials and that air and light do not filter through the jars. Furthermore, it is preferable not to use a container that is too large for the quantity of coffee contained, to avoid creating an excessive volume of air inside. A good solution could be, for example, the use of cans with the possibility of vacuum packing (through manual or mechanical pumps). Remember to always wash the container after emptying it, before filling it with the coffee from the new package.  
  • Store the container in a dry and cool place

    As indicated on the packaging, the airtight jar must be placed in a closed cupboard and away from heat sources , such as radiators, ovens and refrigerator motors. Remember to place the container on a wall unit that is not directly illuminated by the sun's rays. The correct storage temperature for coffee ranges from 15 to 25 degrees centigrade , with an air humidity close to 50%.  
  • Grind the grains before consumption

    To preserve the coffee in all its aromatic richness, it is important that the grains are ground immediately before consumption, in small quantities. This is because 50% of the aroma is lost after half an hour from grinding , so we may not find it in our cup.

Storing coffee beans: what not to do

There are some myths and popular beliefs about the storage of coffee, which can prove to be detrimental to the maintenance of the aroma. Let's see together what not to do if you want to properly store coffee beans:

  • Storing coffee in the refrigerator

    Although it is a very common habit, it is not recommended to store the beans in the refrigerator or freezer. Thermal shock and temperature changes caused by leaving the refrigerator can cause condensation to form in the container , one of the main enemies of conservation. If the coffee container is placed in the freezer, the aromas of the beans are depressed and the natural fats are damaged.
  • Adding elements to the coffee

    Another common belief is that some foreign objects are introduced into the coffee, in order to maintain the natural humidity of the coffee. For example, among the most used are corks or an apple peel, but it is good to avoid them, because the risk is to favor rancidity and contaminate the authentic aroma of the coffee. 

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